Here’s what you should do in the Year of the Ox

Here’s what you should do in the Year of the Ox

Stay Grounded to Earth

It’s a fresh canvas for many of us, and things are beginning to head for the upturn! Of course, the vision for this year would be to ‘Stay Grounded to Earth’. Besides, the element of the Ox is, in fact, Earth. #PunIntended. And what do we stay grounded to? There are so many pillars of support in our lives, be it our loved ones, our colleagues or that friendly neighbor you say hi to in the lift. In one way or another, the people in our lives enabled us to survive 2020! Nonetheless, the first thing to stay grounded to this CNY is inevitably… *drumrolls* feasting wisely!


Chinese New Year is round the corner

With the latest update allowing gatherings of 8 at any one time in a household, many have scrambled to make bookings in hopes to secure a good restaurant. While there are families excited to dine out, some are thrilled to make house visits for reunion meals. If you fall in the latter category, I’m sure you are familiar with the customary red packets, mandarin oranges, and last but not least, tons of delectable CNY goodies. Before you reach for your second love letter or pineapple tart, read on to find out how to feast wisely!


It’s time to walk it out. Let’s unravel and combat calories!

#1 Pineapple Tart

To start, let’s analyze the calorie count of an all-around popular CNY snack – Pineapple Tarts. The damage of a single pineapple tart constitutes 93 calories. Be careful, as corroborated by Women’s Weekly, four pineapple tarts already contain more calories than a single bowl of rice. Giving in to this indulgence would require at least 28 minutes of walking to burn off the calories.


#2 Dried Shrimp Roll

Also known as ‘Hae Bee Hiam’, these dried shrimp rolls are my personal favorite. Insanely addictive, my favorite part of enjoying this would undeniably be the crunch! A piece would cost you 23 calories. Now, mind you. I don’t know if you’ve tried this yet, but one thing’s for sure, you will not stop at one. I would eat at least 6 of these during gatherings, and that would already amount to 138 calories! Eating 6 of these would require at least 42 minutes to redeem yourself.


#3 Bak Kwa

This barbecued meat jerky is a tradition that is here to stay. Who doesn’t love this savory goodness?! Now, onto the damage, a single Bak Kwa is irresistibly sinful at 370 calories per slice. If we were talking about demerit points, you might have lost your driving license. The redemption for this would be walking for at least 60 minutes for two slices of this delicacy.


#4 Yu Sheng

A symbol of abundance, prosperity, and vigor, families rarely miss out on tossing up good fortune with Yu Sheng. Since I was a kid, this was my favorite ritual of CNY, witnessing everyone freely tossing its contents while exclaiming auspicious phrases. It almost seems like a moment where we can let our guard down, bond as a family, and leave things up to fate. While the contents of Yu Sheng are seemingly healthy, containing fish, carrots, and radish, don’t be surprised that it actually contains 561 calories per serving. You will need at least 2 hours and 52 minutes of walking.


No time to walk your talk? Hit that home sesh with HIIT!

Well, for those who are busy and barely have time to walk, consider the most optimal form of exercise to burn off all those calories – HIIT. I believe not everyone has time to walk for 2 hours and 52 minutes. High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) involves workouts with short periods of intense exercise alternated with recovery periods. Due to its intensity, it provides maximal health benefit in the shortest duration of time.

Tons of tutorials are available on YouTube, and many do not require equipment! These routines typically last 30 minutes or so, ideal for those who are busy. Accompany your workout with AVALON® Fat Burner Plus for better results. This January, our dearest KOLs have embarked on the #WERKFORIT CNY Challenge, head to Instagram @avalonofficialsg to check out updates of KOLs working out with their favorite CNY goodies and AVALON® Fat Burner Plus as their equipment. Have fun with us!

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