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Reliable and effective. AVALON® has proven time and again that we value our customers and deliver the best.
Some of our media influencers can vouch for that!

For our mothers who have sacrificed everything for us, you deserve the very best! Let us take time to appreciate all that our mum has done for us and pamper her with the gift of radiance and youth - @avalonofficialsg Stemcell Beauty Drink!
With the powerful Orchid Stemcells, the beauty drink helps to deeply repair damaged skin cells, and replenish healthy skin cells with collagen and nutrients to combat all major skin issues. Help mummy bid goodbye to aging, wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, pigmentations, and large pores, all at one go!

@paradeoflove (link)

Surprise your mom with the gift of youth this upcoming Mother's Day!@Avalonofficialsg Stemcell Beauty Drink contains powerful Orchid Stem Cells to deeply repair and rejuvenate damaged skin cells that is usually the root cause of major skin issues. 100% Natural with no added sugar, consume a bottle a day for the first 7 consecutive day for healthier, brighter skin!

@paperkitties (link)

Thinking of ways to pamper your mom this Mother’s Day? Here’s something you can consider: @Avalonofficialsg’s Stemcell Beauty Drink! It helps to repair damaged skin cells and replenish healthy skin cells with collagen and nutrients to combat all major skin issues such as wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, pigmentations, and large pores, all at one go!

@lianmeiting (link)

Mothers always deserve the best! ♥️ I always admire how my mum looks a lot younger then her age, and I hope I'll be like her when I grow older 🤣 As part of @avalonofficialsg Mother’s Day Campaign #TheSpecialMOMents, nothing beats gifting her their iconic AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink so that she can continue maintain her youth, both inside out 🥰. The beauty drink is great for replenishing healthy skin cells with collagen and nutrients to combat all major skin issues such as aging, wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, pigmentations, and large pores.

@chiamhuiy (link)

Mother's day is just around the corner. Let us take moment to appreciate our mom's who been with us through all the special moments right from the beginning. Let us be grateful for the time and youth that she has sacrificed for us by turning back time with the gift of youth.
Featuring AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink in Singapore. It contains the powerful orchid stemcell to deeply repair and rejuvenate does skin cells that is usually the root cause of major skin issues.

@s.ophialee (link)

This Mother’s Day, let us take a MOMent to appreciate our wonderful Moms! Pamper them with the AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink, the No.1 Stemcell Beauty Drink in Singapore ✨ It combats all major skin issues (eg. aging, wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, pigmentations, large pores) - perfect as a gift!

@yokezofficial (link)

My mum used to tell me that her oily skin helps keep wrinkles away! I'm sharing this beauty secret with her because she deserves better ❤️
As part of my self-care, I've been drinking a chilled bottle of AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink before 😴. This yummy drink brims with Orchid Stemcells + Premium Marine Collagen Peptides to repair and rejuvenate skin cells and tackle ageing. This week, I'm drinking it twice a day to accelerate the recovery of my sunburned skin & boost skin nourishment. 

@deedeedee13 (link)

Happy International Women’s Day! 👸🏻
Celebrating it with AVALON and here to empower my fellow female friends on this momentous day, may we acknowledge all the challenges faced!
AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink is designed to resolve major skin issues like rejuvenates damaged skin cells and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and many more!

@shermainezy (link)

Being in my 30s, I can't emphasize how important health is to help me face each day with strength. Most of us would have UTI at one point of our lives, and need not be reminded on how torturous the episode was. It hit me real bad when I was in uni, where even my usual medications didn't work, so I turned to cranberry juice and supplements for prevention ever since. @Avalonofficialsg FemiCare Probiotics improve syndromes in women’s private part with strong protection for vaginal & urinary tract health. Ingredients such as cranberry extract, pomegranate extract and probiotics, enhanced with MCM-LAB®️ Encapsulation Technology to ensure its viability, while preventing bacterial infections and promoting balance of pH level.

@paperkitties (link)

Did you know that UTI is really common amongst women, and many women experience it more than once in their lifetime. AVALON® FemiCare Probiotics is a premium formula with multi-strain 20 billion CFU female-friendly probiotics, enhanced with the MCM-LAB® Encapsulation Technology to ensure its viability. It helps promote balance of microflora, pH level of feminine part & supports urinary tract & vaginal health. It also Improved female hygiene.

@lianmeiting (link)

A bottle of @avalon Stemcell Beauty Drink keeps aging at bay 💗 IWD is coming! To all my female readers, let’s celebrate you & your achievements on this special day :) We can strive on to take on new challenges with beauty & grace💪🏻 ⁣I love how I can drink this beauty drink on-the-go easily :) Being able to juggle motherhood & IG work is considered my success. Whoever said mothering is easy clearly hasn’t been a parent before. This drink is designed to resolve major skin issues.

@aliciacho (link)

With #AvalonOfficialSg, we also want to take up the challenge and raise awareness about #feminehealth, a taboo topic most women avoid as much as they can. Think about women’s health topics such as periods, UTIs and sexual wellness - are these something you are comfortable talking about? Don't be afraid because these concern our health and body, we should never be shy to discuss and share tips with each other. ♥️

@chiamhuiy (link)

Thank you AVLON for supporting my challenge as I face them with grace and beauty. It’s been tiring and work sometimes overwhelm me. But I’ve been loving myself more each day and taking AVALON Stem Cell Beauty Drink keeps me glowing. Formulated with Orchid Stemcell, it is designed for deep skin cell repair and replenishing skin collagen to solve all major skin concerns.

@huiruahr (link)

To conquer each role with the best version of myself, inside out, I take AVALON FemiCare Probiotics. The probiotics contain 20 Billion CFU Female-friendly probiotics, cranberry and pomegranate extracts and more for me to maintain my gut and intimate health, so that I can feel #fresheveryday down to my intimates!

@paradeoflove (link)

A gentle reminder to all my female followers and friends out there, you have to feel good to look good ❤️ @avalonofficialsg’s stemcell beauty drink aims to resolve major skin issues like wrinkle.

@natashatohh (link)
 Each capsule offers dual benefits of protecting our vaginal health & urinary tract with 20 billion CFU of female-friendly Probiotics, Cranberry & Pomegranate extracts. When my well-being is taken care of, it’s easier to channel my energy to 980730 other matters 🦾

@deedeedee13 (link)

Aloe Multiple Detox is a good complement with regular exercising to achieve a healthy gut while I #DetoxtoFeast. It helps reduce built-up body toxins, reduce bloating, constipation, ingestion with its Pure Aloe Barbadensis medicinal ingredient that has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Most importantly, it is 100% safe and natural.

@paperkitties (link)

 I am regularly taking AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox to keep my digestive system healthy. The product is 100% natural and contains 3 billion CFU probiotics to maintain optimal gut health!

@chiamhuiy (link)

A healthy body starts with good gut health & regular detoxing to unclog our body from accumulated toxins! How can we do that in a safe way? I drink lots of water throughout the day & turn to @avalonofficialsg Aloe Multiple Detox capsules which has no laxatives or diuretics.

@deedeedee13 (link)

My way of maintaining a healthy gut and complexion is to exercise and detox through a glass of green juice made with fruits and leafy greens. 🌿🍎🍌 To complement my detox regime, I incorporate the @avalonofficialsg Aloe Multiple Detox to help me reduce constipation and alleviate my bloating issue.

@paradeoflove (link)

For all the calories I’ve ate while baking late nights, I’m thankful for @avalonofficialsg Aloe Multiple Detox with me! It helps to cleanse my body from this feasting season while boasting gut health and boost immunity 💪🏻💕

@fj.mama (link)

"So many dinners going on in the next couple of weeks, Fat Burner Plus is going to be needed to help burning more fat and prevent fat absorption."


"Fat Burner Plus. Make me less guilty. Feast all I want on my favourite CNY goodies. Just don't forget to do workout and @avalonofficialsg Fat Burner Plus."

@eatdreamlove (link)

"Well, I admit I thought prunes were for old people and they didn’t eat it for taste but rather for the health benefits – fiber and antioxidants. However when I was introduced the JUSTUME Fiber Plum by @avalonofficialsg , I was surprised by how much I like prunes. These are individually wrapped dried prunes. The packaging makes it so easy to take them on the go; like in my lunch or to work with me."

@theconnielim (link)

"I can already see myself overeating at CNY gatherings boohoo 😭😭😭 However, with AVALON® Fat Burner Plus, it is possible to achieve a hot bod this CNY! It is safe to consume as it does not contain diuretic, ephedrine appetite suppressant, caffeine, and laxatives. This health supplement promises us no weight rebound and it is also halal certified."

@g.ella__ (link)

"Girl’s gonna sip on her Thai Green Milk Tea, pat herself for self-comfort and slide in some @avalonofficialsg before she drowns in her guilty pleasures. AVALON Fat Burner Plus’ is an all-natural improved formula of @avalonofficialsg’s fat burner formula! It is designed to be 5x more effective than regular fat burning products."

@cher.rein (link)

"It’s been a breeze incorporating AVALON® CRYSTALPURE COLLAGEN together with AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink as the former is un-flavoured so it’s meant to be added to drinks or just pop a sachet on its own :)"

@myjream (link)

"Another year (almost) over, but hopefully not looking another year older! Remember the “Apple Experiment” I posted from last month? 🙌🏻 Avalon Stemcell Beauty Drink uses its hero ingredient, Orchid Stemcell to supply your skin with antioxidants, that help to repair and renew damaged skin cells."

@yinagoh (link)

"Orchid Stemcell in the @avalonofficialsg Stemcell Beauty Drink supplies our skin with antioxidants to help fight free radicals for healthy skin."

@paradeoflove (link)

"Repair and nourish your skin by consuming 1 sachet of Crystal Pure before breakfast and 1 bottle of Stemcell Beauty Drink before bed. You can consume these beauty supplements straight from bottle/sachet or mix them into food or drinks."

@reginachow_sg (link)

"Gift yourself and your girlfriends the ultimate glow from within, with Stemcell Beauty Drink! Besides the Stemcell Beauty Drink that deeply repair skin damage, another great X’mas Gift is the AVALON® Crystal Pure, made up of 100% pure Fish Collagen Peptides which helps to achieve healthy skin, hair, nails, breasts & joints at one go!"

@judithlcl (link)

"It really works! Its hero ingredient, the amazing Orchid Stemcell, helps to fight skin’s free radical battles by repairing and renewing damaged skin cells - which is the root cause of skin issues!"

@thechillmom (link)

"This makes Stemcell Beauty Drink the best X’mas Gift because who doesn’t want to have great skin? If you're thinking of having healthy skin, hair and nails at one go, try AVALON Crystal Pure that's made up of 100% pure Fish Collagen Peptides!"

@jolenezhou (link)

"We ran the ‘apple experiment’ and it is scientifically proven that the Stemcell Beauty Drink works amazing on all skin."

@lucindazhou (link)

"A pleasant surprise arrived in the mailbox today! Received Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink which helps with skin rejuvenation and slowing down of aging process. Sounds a lot like what I need 😂 Thank you Avalon!"

@ohmyaddy (link)

"If 10-step skincare regimes are too troublesome, try a consumable skincare product like @avalonofficialsg ’s Stemcell Beauty Drink. It'll help to repair and rejuvenate your skin, so you can drink your way to a brighter and healthier complexion. The best part is that the drink’s tasty and you’ll be left wanting more ;)"

@zulasg (link)

"Yes I eat again 😂 I have been consuming Fiber Plum since childhood! 不要小看它小小一颗喔!My friend in maintaining a healthy digestive tract for me."

@linglingshare (link)

"I was introduced to AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox which has been awarded the Best Selling Detox Supplement for the 15th consecutive year in SG. Made up of 100% natural ingredients, Aloe Vera and probiotics to help in DETOX, CLEANSING and RENEW!"

@xavvylicious (link)

"It is all about losing the toxins & winning ourselves a healthier gut, immunity, skin and body - with the 100% Natural Aloe Vera & Probiotics, a winning detox formula!"

@belandbray (link)

"– nothing great comes easy – even for health, you got to work hard to lose the toxins in the body to win yourself a stronger and healthier gut, immunity and body!"

@lucindazhou (link)

"As a foodie taking supplements to improve my health is important hence I decided to try @avalonofficialsg Aloe Multiple Detox! Made of 100% natural Aloe Vera and 3 billion CFUS probiotics, it helps to strengthen immunity and gut health by cleansing our body’s waste and toxins."

@foodilicious_diva (link)

"Fat Burner Plus helps to increase metabolic rate, prevent carbs from turning into fats, maintain healthy cholesterol & blood sugar level." 🙌🏼

@chiamhuiy (link)
"A superfruit that is made up of Umeboshi Plum, coated with a blend of herbs and probiotics! Here is my dessert recipe to get my picky partner to eat to good gut health."

@mshannahchia (link)

"I created this detox dish #MyUmeRecipe with Avalon JustUme Fiber Plum , a superfruit that is made of Umeboshi plum coated with blend of herbs and probiotics. I love it because it helps me to achieve a stronger gut." ❤️

@gizellegail (link)

"I cut up JustUme Fiber Plum thinly to sprinkle on top, in replacement of the dried raisins that I usually use in my salads. #MyUmeRecipe! Verdict: It’s quite yummy and beneficial" 👍🏼 (link)

"Have you ever experience bloating after a heavy meal? Or are you suffering from constipation or weight gain? If yes, trust your gut feeling & DETOX! 🌿 I did with AVALON®️ JustUme Fiber Plum & it really helps to smoothen my bowel movement in less than a day!"

@eileen_eats_alot (link)

"If you need to "unclog" naturally with a high-fibre option, give these vegetarian-friendly plums a try!"

@deedeedee13 (link)

"By incorporating AVALON JustUme Fiber Plum’s natural blend of herbs and probiotics into my meals, it helps to detox my gut, have a stronger immunity and radiant skin in the most convenient & fun way!"

@thechillmom (link)

"Plums cleanses the digestive tract safely and naturally by promoting bowel motion" 👍🏻

@sugar73 (link)

"It is filled with prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics is good for our gut health and helps to strengthen immunity and overall health and skin!!!"❤️ 👍🏻

@gizellegail (link)

"It’s prime time to cart out some of your favourites."

@myjream (link)

"Solve root cause of ALL skin issues that are usually caused by damaged skin cells."

@seraphinagenesis (link)

"It helps to slow down aging as well as giving my skin protection against UV. After taking 4 bottles on a daily basis, my skin looks brighter too!"

@sharonachia (link)

"Repair damaged skin cells with this beauty drink, where Orchid Stemcells effectively enable cell turnover."

@aliciacho (link)

"I noticed that my skin became supple & brighter!"

@mamasinfinitylove (link)

"🌟Brighter , Moisturised, Firmer, reduced Fine Lines + Wrinkles and awarded Watson's No.1 Best Stemcell Supplement!"

@shannie.mollie (link)
"Radiance & beautiful skin needs supplement too!"

@jennylee_2012 (link)
"Younger, Brighter and More Hydrated skin."

@nettyliee (link)
"Bidding goodbye to a #stayhomebody by combining a healthy diet and adequate exercises with additional help from Avalon’s Slimming Healthy Green Tea."

@hweeyiamelia (link)
"Avalon Fat Burner Plus! 5x more effective than regular slimming formula, it’s all about burn burn burn for that flatter Tummy, Smaller Thigh."

@rachelxooo (link)
"Fat Burner Plus is an all-natural slimming formula that's 5X more effective than regular fat burner. For flatter tummy and smaller thighs!"

@kerstinong (link)
"To be 100% ready for any roles that come my way, supplements are a huge part of my everyday routine, probiotics is a must! AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox is excellent for a weak digestive system."

@gracetjx (link)
"A rebirth of my well-being in 30 days. Here's to emerging healthier after CB period!"

@mselaineheng (link)
deedeedee13 Aloe Multiple Detox “First step to better immunity is by taking care of our gut with AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox.”

@deedeedee13 (link)

"AVALON® is the ideal supplement for cleansing body waste and reducing bloating & abdominal discomfort💕 "

@chelseannsim (link)
thechillmom Aloe Multiple Detox “Contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote healing, support immunity and fight disease. There’s a reason why it is the No. 1 Best Selling Detox Supplement in 15 years!”

@thechillmom (link)
Ripple Sim Aloe Multiple Detox “I’m sold. Happy to learn that it contains Aloe Barbadensis concentrate, that is responsible for radiant complexion and promotes bowel regularity. Detox is the first step to building a healthy immune system.”

@ripplesim (link)
Lian Mei Ting Aloe Multiple Detox “I’m happy to have tried @avalonofficialsg’s Aloe Multiple Detox which helps to strengthen immunity and gut health by cleansing your body’s waste & toxins.”

@lianmeiting (link)
“I’ve tried COUNTLESS detox tea and pills, but to be honest, most of them just gave me the runs to the toilet. I have been taking AVALON® Aloe Detox capsules and I have bid goodbye to constipation and dull complexion!”

@thepinksoldier (link)

"Always appreciate it when brands allow me to fully experience the product before giving my review. Tried a lot of detox products before, AVALON Aloe Multiple Detox is the best."

@shermainexk (link)

"Sometimes all we need is a boost. AVALON Fat Burner Plus aids in boosting my metabolism, burn excess body fats, prevents fat absorption, supports liver, kidney and joint health."

@eileen_eats_alot (link)

"My go-to slimming solution - Fat Burner Plus!"


"My slimming solution is to combine a healthy diet with adequate diet, with additional help from AVALON® Fat Burner Plus!"

@juleneang (link)

"Say Goodbye to #StayHomeBody! AVALON® Fat Burner Plus keeps me in my tip-top condition after bingeing so much at home!"

@belandbray (link)

"Fat Burner Plus made it much easier to maintain my weight. It is my best choice during my #Stayhome days!"

@wanying_tan (link)

"The social distance I had to practice was to stay away from my fridge! Welcome a toned & healthier you after all the bad #StayHome habits!"

@jennylee_2012 (link)

"Fat Burner Plus is here to make you look fly as many have board the ‘Quarentine15’ train with having to #WorkFromHome!"

@myjream (link)

"Let’s bid goodbye to #StayHomeBody after all the lack of movement this Circuit Breaker! Let AVALON® Fat Burner Plus work its magic! #AllNatural"

@jeslynexsoh (link)

"Stemcell Beauty Drink firms skin, brightens skin and reduces wrinkles, I think it would make a great Mothers’ Day gift! Also love the bubbly fizziness in this drink (Litchi, Grape & Apple juice)."

@ripplesim (link)

"My mum has been taking Stemcell Beauty Drink and many people have mistaken her as my sister!"

@myjream (link)

sophiewillocq Stem Cell Beauty Drink “The gift of wellness, inside and out – it doesn’t get more thoughtful than that.”

@sophiewillocq (link)

“Stemcell Beauty Drink gives my skin cells a deep repair before replenishing it with collagen. I love how it can brighten overall skin tone and retain skin’s moisture.”

@jolenezhou (link)

“Great all-in-one beauty drink to solve all major skin problems. But my favourite properties of the drink is that it helps to fight acne!”

@paperkitties (link)

“With Stemcell Beauty Drink, I noticed that my skin is bouncier and more moisturized now!”

@maybelinesim (link)

“Lately I’ve been loving myself more each day and taking Stemcell Beauty Drink as it keeps me glowing.”

@sheenaphua (link)

“Unlike other collagen drinks, this lightly sparking bottle of goodness functions on a cellular level, a nutrients booster to give better skin!!! A fuss-free and tasty supplement.”

@_kylatan (link)

“Stemcell Beauty Drink kept my skin looking more supple and hydrated as I travel. I love how it is made with sparkling water which adds a refreshing twist.”

@joanneeng (link)

“We are all constantly looking for ways to save time while maintaining healthy skin. Why not give this a go?”

@rachelkalexa (link)

“Brighten skin and repair damaged skin cells, thanks to their main ingredient, Orchid Stemcell. Loving its fruity, sparkling taste.”

@cheowster (link)

“I am impressed . Taking care of my skin can be that simple. My skin tone appears much brighter and the fine lines underneath my eyes are lighter now."

@katechiclove (link)

“A unique ingredient NOT found in other drinks – Orchid Stemcell, Stemcell Beauty Drink helps repair and rejuvenate my skin. Plus point that it’s really refreshing!”

@nsybrenda (link)

“So easy to give my skin an extra boost as it’s refreshing! Try complementing your skincare routine from inside out to maximize its effectiveness with Stemcell Beauty Drink!”

@phyliciamae (link)

“Glow from within. These bottles of Stemcell Beauty Drink saved me by repairing my skin faster when a zit pops up during my trip!”

@zystella (link)

“Drink this Stemcell Beauty Drink from @avalonofficialsg for beautiful skin.”

@rachlsq (link)

“Stemcell Beauty Drink is so good that I have no second thoughts adding it to my daily beauty routine!”

@oyhz (link)

“Stemcell Beauty Drink comes in a small bottle which is easy to bring along everywhere I go! My skin is no longer as dull and yes, definitely more hydrated with a less oily T-zone!”

@chloetwl (link)

“My skin is slightly less oily, pores have shrunk and very importantly, I don’t see rashes all that much anymore and my skin is definitely a lot more hydrated. I’ve already finished the first box and went ahead for the second.”

@sharonachia (link)

“Skincare has always been my No. 1 priority and I found my answer with Stemcell Beauty Drink. I wear a full face of makeup so my skin is prone to clogging and acne. Drinking this renews my skin cells internally.”

@cherylannchong (link)

“Did you know that having healthy, radiant skin not only calls for the maintenance of the surface texture? It lies within Stemcell Beauty Drink.”


”Just 7 bottles and I could already see my pores getting smaller and skin becoming more supple.”


“Been taking Stemcell Beauty Drink for a week and even after late nights I woke up the next day without a trace of fatigue on my face.”

@thebarebeauty (link)

“Skincare is essential not only to women, but to men too! Hence, I am starting my skincare routine with Stemcell Beauty Drink.”

@gankaihan (link)

“All-natural ingredients and no additives to keep my body and skin healthy.”

@kaitinghearts (link) (link)

“It is all-natural with 0 additives, and resolves 6 major skin problems – sagging skin, dull skin, wrinkles & fine lines, large pores and damaged skin.”


“A bottle every other night, let your complexion be youthful and bright! A 7 days ‘kick-start’ regime. Perfect!”

@ryanraroar (link) (link) (link) (link) (link) (link)

"A girl’s hair is her crown and her skin is her ball gown. I’ve been taking Crystal Pure Collagen Booster and I’m sure you have all noticed my hair is so much shinier, healthier and thicker, my skin is so much clearer and more hydrated."

@gingernatalie_x (link)

"@avalonofficialsg DewyPure Collagen Peptide makes dewy skin possible! My skin is definitely less matte, smoother and shines more than before. I look more alive!"

@lyvz_beauty (link)

"New addition in my handbag wherever I go - a natural detox snack twice daily especially during this festive period!"

@celestiafaithchong (link)

"Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot tastes like a concentrated berry drink! This beauty shot helps with locking in moisture and enhancing skin suppleness, definitely a need in working life regime!"

@flyflybirdie (link)

"I drink @avalonofficialsg Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot daily for 7 days straight to defend my skin against external aggressors (haze, makeup, pollutants, sun exposure and more!)"

@joysofyz (link)

"Finished 10 bottles of Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot and am pretty sure my skin is dewy and glowy again!"

@jeslynexsoh (link)

"The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin with Avalon Hydra Ceramide, the hydrating solution for dull, dry and flaky skin, preventing itchiness, redness and irritation."

@racheltay_ (link)

"A bottle of Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot a day, keeps bad skin away! This beauty shot maintains a healthy skin barrier that locks in moisture and defends skin against external aggressors."

@shleyyy (link)

"After being a mum, I’m often on lookout for supplements to keep myself healthy and strong enough to take care of the family. AVALON® Femicare helps support urinary tract health and the intimate area from within, with fruits and vegetables enzymes to enhance digestion and absorption."

@ashlynthia (link)

"Up to 50% of women will experience Urinary Tract Infection at least once in their life time. @avalonofficialsg Femi Care helps to prevent it! Ingredients like the pomegranate extract provides antioxidant support."

@eatdreamlove (link)


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