Korean-American Artist Ailee Reveals How She Caught Ex Cheating

Korean-American Artist Ailee Reveals How She Caught Ex Cheating

“I witnessed my ex-boyfriend cheating on me on his birthday”

The Hallyu icon revealed. It was an unsuspecting birthday party where the star “popped in as a surprise” after tricking her then boyfriend that she could not make it. She then witnessed him being physically affectionate with another woman. Ailee’s tumultuous and no-doubt toxic relationship abruptly ended then and there. The star then went on to compose a song. She revealed that she sang the song without thinking of the person who cheated on her, but rather, of the person she was most apologetic to among the people she dated. She uttered, “I didn’t treat him well. I couldn’t give all my heart to him because my ex cheated on me.” Let’s talk about detox today.


JUNE PURGE – Toxins & Toxicity Out

It is with no doubt that feelings of betrayal may haunt a person for weeks, months and even years. Nonetheless, time heals. It gives us time to reflect on our personal growth in every phase of our lives, and it gives us time to explore new things about ourselves. Most essentially, time gives us the opportunity to love ourselves more. We wish Ailee all the best in embracing her past hurt, and in regaining courage to love the same way again. It is undeniable that toxic relationships leave an unforgettable mark on our lives – but what’s important is to view it as a meaningful time to love ourselves.


A Telegram from Us to You

No, not the sort of telegram in the 80s, we wish. But here’s a short greeting from us to you!

Dear beauties,

Hold your breath! Be strong & patient because THE TIME IS COMING. Circuit Breaker is officially ending, and Singapore will ease up soon, or at least we expect it to happen in a few phases. Anyway, I digress. We are back to offer some great tips on protecting yourself, out and about. Most importantly, a reminder to let go of toxic relationships, toxins in your body & just anything with the letter T. Just joking. Having mentioned the need to let go of toxic relationships, be it cheating or not, and pep-talks on self-love, we are BACK with other worthy tips.


The AVALON® Beauty Team


Don’t be a Party Pooper – Grab that Sunscreen

First up, the imaginable Post-Circuit Breaker scenario is easily… <Drumrolls> Stepping out of the house of course!

Sunscreen may often be neglected in your skincare routine, but it is extremely crucial. That step you take out of your home means UV rays and external aggressors like environmental pollution. We’re not being negative here. Just precautionary. Don’t forget to put on that layer of sunscreen on your face! Well, if you are always busy and often forget that step of your skincare regimen, do not fret as we have the perfect product for you – AVALON® Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot. This beauty shot is the perfect remedy in protecting your skin against external aggressors, by maintaining a healthy skin barrier. What’s better than having that beauty potion to tackle external aggressors from within!


Mark your Calendars – It’s #CleanseHour

Speaking of maintaining a healthy skin barrier from within, we can’t miss out on the most critical self-care within our body this summer – Detox. A buzzword for detoxification, but a true-blue hack in ensuring healthy living. What other time is perfect but now for some quality detox? Just as Circuit Breaker is easing up, we need a good detox to cleanse our body of all the accumulated toxins in our body, especially after all that oily food and sweet bites. Of course, the AVALON® Beauty Team offers you nothing but the best – our award-winning #1 Detox Supplement, AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox.

Look who’s all smiles after getting her hands on it! Victoria (@thepinksoldier) remarked “I’ve tried COUNTLESS detox tea and pills, but to be honest, most of them just gave me the runs to the toilet. AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox has made me bid goodbye to constipation and dull complexion!” This signature detox supplement cleanses your body of built-up wastes and reduces bloating and abdominal discomfort. Moreover, it improves your facial complexion from within – an added bonus!

If you’ve not carted yours, quickly get a box! SO, my beauties, are you ready for June purge?? It’s time to get those toxins & toxicity out – our shared new goal after Circuit Breaker. A final timely reminder for both you and I, let’s celebrate #CleanseHour and make good decisions for healthy relationships, a healthy mind, and a healthy body. Keep meaningful relationships with people you love, who are worth your love. Treat yourself with AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox today!

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