Today, We Tune In to Mukbang

Today, We Tune In to Mukbang

The Not-So-New Trend That’s NEVER GETTING OLD

Topic of the day? The Mukbang trend that took the virtual world by a storm. Of course, it originates from Korea as its name itself suggests (‘Muk’ is Korean for ‘eat’ and ‘Bang’ for ‘broadcast’). As literal as its name, Mukbang refers to the Internet craze of people broadcasting a livestream or a video, of themselves enjoying food akin to the Last Supper.


What’s In It For Me?

Oh, the Last Supper is not as depressing as it sounds. A large spread of ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ delicacies is definitely pleasing to the eyes, especially with the accompanied sounds of chewing that’s out to trigger your appetite, hashtag: #ASMR. Mukbangs are not only known to help with health issues such as undereating, but they are also effective mood stimulants for that little pork-me-up you need in your day!


Hit Me Up for That Pork-Me-Up!!!

The golden question. What if it over-stimulates my appetite and I’m out to kill with the menu! What if I already did? Well well, forgive yourselves for the over-indulgence during Covid-19’s Phase 2, and even for subsequent feastings because AVALON® Fat Burner Plus is that knight in shining armor. Some of our dear influencers can vouch for that!

Catch Alene (@paperkitties) in her healthy figure and glowing skin! She includes Fat Burner Plus in her routine to “maximise effectiveness towards her goal of a flatter tummy and smaller thighs”.

Not missing out, Shayne (@chinaphilidoll) notes Fat Burner Plus as the reliable solution to “combat repercussions of feasting”.


Don’t Be Afraid to “Muk”

Eating is a necessity, and enjoying food is an art. We hope you beauties remember that! Don’t feel overly pressurised to be too strict on yourself, for those who may be dieting. Remember, it is all about that sense of freedom and love you need to pamper yourself with. If you’ve been keeping tabs on AVALON® Insider, Hilary Duff’s story is a worthy read for those of you who need someone to relate to for dieting!

Now, here’s why AVALON® Fat Burner Plus is a good companion on days when you feast, or even for daily use. It is all-natural, unlike regular fat burners infused with caffeine. This means you won’t need to go through the common gruelling after-effects such as heart palpitations and poor sleep quality. If that’s not enough affirmation, it also does not include diuretic, laxative and ephedrine, keeping dehydration, diarrhoea and anorexia at bay!


Can’t Live Without Your Rice & Noodles?

I don’t know about you but I’m a huge fan of rice and noodles, to the point where I choose to finish my rice instead of my chicken if I can’t finish my chicken rice. If you’re a carb-lover like me, AVALON® Carb Blocker Advance is a good pick! An ultimate slimming formula designed to block up to 66% of carbohydrates, sugar and fats, increase your fat metabolism with this gem that is, likewise, all-natural without laxative, diuretic or caffeine.

SO! Forgive yourself for over-indulgences, block fats and carbs with us here at AVALON® and cart out your new companions today – Fat Burner Plus and Carb Blocker Advance.

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