Top reasons why Marine Collagen is the recommended collagen supplement

Top reasons why Marine Collagen is the recommended collagen supplement

Why is Marine Collagen the Recommended Collagen Supplement in Singapore?

Collagen supplements are the latest beauty trend in Singapore, and it is no wonder! Sought after mostly for their skin rejuvenating, hair and nail-strengthening properties, beauty fanatics also sing praises to their many other potential benefits such as reducing joint inflammation, increasing muscle density and building stronger bones.

With so many collagen products in the Singapore market today, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices.. Here, we give you a breakdown of collagen sources and bring you in on why marine collagen is the recommended go-to collagen supplement!


What is Marine Collagen?

what is marine collagen

Collagen supplements are from collagen extracted from animal sources like fishes, cows, pigs, and chicken. Marine collagen, also known as fish collagen, is sourced from fish like cod or snapper and is made from the skin, scales and bones of the fish.

In Singapore, you can most commonly find marine collagen powder packaged into sachets (to dissolve in water or other forms of liquid), collagen capsules, collagen drinks, collagen face masks, and mostly formulated with other superfoods.


Marine Collagen vs. Other Collagen Sources

Marine collagen is one of the few types of collagen sources in Singapore. Collagen supplements that come from cows are called bovine collagen and collagen from pigs are named porcine collagen. Compared to these different collagen sources, marine collagen is the easiest for the body to absorb and reaps the most effective results for healthy skin!


1. Most easily absorbed by the body

In all collagen supplements, collagen is hydrolysed or broken down into smaller collagen peptides for easier absorption by our bodies.

collagen in foods vs collagen in supplements

Among all collagen supplements, marine collagen is made up of the smallest molecules and can be absorbed up to 1.5 times quicker than other collagen sources—which means that marine collagen produces the best results!


2. Targets healthy skin

Our bodies contain three types of collagen, types I, II, and III. Marine collagen has a majority of collagen type I, which makes up 80-85% of our skin’s collagen! On the other hand, bovine and porcine collagen supplements consist mostly of type II collagen, which is collagen found mainly in our joint tendons.

Marine collagen is also known for high antioxidants levels, which helps to reduce inflammation and allow the skin to repair itself. So, if you’re hoping to get your skin younger and healthier, marine collagen is the No. 1 choice!


3. Light on the stomach

Have you taken collagen supplements and later felt a heavy feeling in your stomach?

Consuming collagen supplements sometimes produces a side effect of bloating or a feeling of extra fullness. However, marine collagen is easily absorbed and found to combat this side effect by being light on the stomach!


What to Consider When Buying Marine Collagen?

When you go shopping for marine collagen, you should have some guidelines in mind to make sure your collagen products are of good quality and safe for your consumption.

Marine collagen is made from fish, so if you are allergic to fish, you should certainly not be taking marine collagen supplements. Instead, you can try bovine or porcine collagen, or consume more collagen-rich foods to increase collagen levels in your body.

To make sure that your product is reliably sourced and safe for consumption, look out for labels that indicate that the particular collagen product has been scientifically researched and tested. Many companies talk about the science-based nature of their products but have not conducted research on their products.

For the good of the environment, search for labels that tell you the fish sources, and go for supplements that use sustainably caught fish. You can also keep an eye out for non-GMO products, which tell you that the ingredients used are not modified or altered.

labels for certified sustainable seafood in Singapore

Finally, check the colour and taste of your marine collagen. Marine collagen powder, when mixed with water, should be colourless, not white. Collagen powder should also be tasteless when eaten. These two factors help you check the purity of your collagen supplement—if it’s not right, switch your collagen away!

Now that you understand what makes marine collagen the recommended collagen supplement in Singapore and around the world, you know what to add to your shopping cart the next time you go shopping!

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