WE ARE SURE that stemcell beauty drink

can improve UV spots, skin wrinkles, brightness, elasticity and is collagen-boosting!

IT IS PROVEN with a self-controlled study

that was conducted with 9 healthy adults consuming

AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink 1 bottle per day for 4 weeks.


Anti-Spots Efficacy

UV spots were decreased by 5.4%

as Vitamin C prevents pigmentation and age spots. Apple extract and Acerola Cherry are included to protect skin from UV damage.


Pore Minimizing Efficacy

A 5.6% reduction has been shown

a tightening-pore effect, with the help of French Marine Collagen and Apple extract.


Skin Brightness Efficacy

Apple extract brightens skin tone up to 8.9%

and Litchi Seed inhibits melanin production and brightens skin tone.


Anti-Wrinkle Efficacy

French Marine Collagen reduces the appearance of

wrinkles and fine lines by 12.6%.


Skin Elasticity Elevation

Skin elasticity was increased by 12.5%

as French Marine Collagen and Acerola Cherry help to enhance the production of elastin.


Skin Collagen - Boosting Efficacy

French Marine Collage and Acerola Cherry are combined to

increase skin collagen density by 7.8%.