Hollywood Loves Probiotics, So Do We.

Hollywood Loves Probiotics, So Do We.

“The only supplements I take are probiotics”

Said Demi Lovato’s…well… shirt. This tagline flooded the online community when the Hollywood star was seen wearing a t-shirt with those words printed.  For those who do not know, Demi shared her eating disorders with the public and one of the singer’s success in recovery was her thrice-daily probiotic supplements. From Katy Perry’s probiotic hack (drinking raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to protect probiotic strains) to Madonna’s probiotic gummies, Hollywood has seen countless renditions of ways to protect our bodies with probiotics.


What are Probiotics Exactly?

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help to improve gastrointestinal disorders such as irregular bowel movement, irritable bowel syndrome and lactose intolerance. They support immunity and general health by boosting the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Speaking of immunity, Demi Lovato is certainly ‘Sorry not Sorry’ about her “immunity table”, which she flaunted to fans during a recent IG-live. Just like us, probiotics are her go-to!


Greek Yogurt May Have Been Your Bible, Here’s Why It’s NOT Enough

Yogurt may be the first health food to ring a bell when we think of a source of probiotics. As a result of fermentation, Yogurt is famous for including not just calcium and protein, but probiotic bacteria. However, it may fall short of delivering the quality of probiotics that can actually improve gut flora.

For one, not all yogurts contain the exact strain of probiotics for optimal gut health, giving rise to unstandardized potency. This means you may be getting insufficient probiotics! Most importantly, yogurts with “live and active cultures” are often not equipped with the technique of transporting those bacteria safely to your gut. It is far more effective doing so with probiotic pills designed to release probiotics to your system efficiently.

The same goes for Yakult! A common replenishment of probiotics for kids and adults alike, it is important to recognize that Yakult is not enough.


Serious Food for Thought – Prebiotics

No question, prebiotics has to come into the equation. If you don’t already know, prebiotics are LITERALLY the food for probiotics. This might be your October Big Reveal, just as how it was for me. I’ve always wondered why parents tend to nag about eating vegetables since young, only for children to find out in science lessons that some fiber cannot be digested…

Prebiotics are types of fiber found in vegetables and fruits. While we are not able to digest these types of fiber, our good gut bacteria can actually digest them! SO this is where they all go. Prebiotics are important for our body as they provide nutrients to the bacteria that support healthy digestion and immune function.


Eat Your Probiotics RIGHT Today

And VOILA. The next Big Reveal is the fact that not all supplements contain BOTH prebiotics and probiotics. While research shows that one can consume probiotics without prebiotics, taking them together can actually make your probiotics more effective. And guess what? As always, AVALON® has got the right concoction prepared for you, infused with both gems and proven by clinical studies. Suitable for both children and adults, it is advisable for children above 6 years old to take 1 capsule a day, and for adults to take 2 a day. For the little ones under 6 years of age, simply empty the contents of the vegetarian capsule into a cold drink or mix it with food!

Supported by as many as 8 patented formulations, each AVALON® AdvanCleanse capsule contains Prebiotics and 10 billion live Probiotic cells from 7 unique strains certified by the France Pasteur Institute to keep our intestinal system healthy and strong. It maintains your microflora balance, clears intestinal waste, soothes stomach discomfort, promotes better nutrient absorption and supports your immunity. This product is suitable for children, teenagers, adults and even breast-feeding mothers! Common probiotic supplements only contain 2 to 5 billion live probiotic cells from 1 to 3 strains. Another reason why AVALON®’s pick is superior! Get yours today. Cheers to a more than happy (healthy) gut.

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