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Avalon® Health & Beauty

AVALON® AdvanCleanse Enhanced Probiotics Formula

AVALON® AdvanCleanse Enhanced Probiotics Formula

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Supported by 8 patented formulations, each AVALON® AdvanCleanse capsule contains Prebiotics and 10 billion live Probiotic cells from 7 unique strains certified by the France Pasteur Institute to keep our intestinal system healthy and strong. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that can help to improve gastrointestinal disorders such as irregular bowel movement (constipation or diarrhoea), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and lactose intolerance. Besides, they support immunity and general health by boosting the absorption of vitamins and minerals! 

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>Promotes healthy intestinal system
>Soothes stomach discomfort
>Supports immunity
>Aids in cleansing intestinal wastes
>Promotes better nutrient absorption >Maintains microflora balance

AdvanCleanse Enhanced Probiotics Formula

10 billion live probiotics (from 7 unique strains) to relieve intestinal discomforts.

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Supply & multiply good bacteria for total intestinal health.

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DNA selection for highest probiotics survival rate.

Suitable for children, pregnant women & the elderly

Did you know?
90% of the nutrients absorption occurs in 70% of our body's immune defense.
95% of infectious diseases that are linked with 80% of our body toxins are released through OUR GUT.

Are you receiving
these warning signs
from your gut?

Indigestion, bloating, sensitive stomach

Frequent diarrhoea and IBS

Excess gas, bad breath, body odour

Poor complexion

Poor appetite & fatigue

Weight gain

Each year, about 1,500 Singaporeans are diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer.
According to Singapore's Health Promotional Board in 2013, Colorectal Cancer is the No.1 Cancer Killer in Singapore.

Reshape your intestine with
Prebiotics + Probiotics

How can probiotics benefit you?
Probiotics are a class of beneficial bacteria that live in our intestinal tract.

They helps to limit growth of harmful bacteria, promote bowel movement, clear away accumulated intestinal waste, improve digestion & nutrients absorption, enhance immunity & prevent infection, relieve severity of diarrhoea, lactose intolerance & irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and prevent bad breath, body odour & dull complexion.

How can prebiotics benefit you?
Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that act as "foods" for probiotics.

They help to simulate growth for probiotics, improve digestion and mineral absorption.

Unhealthy Intestinal Tract

Healthy Intestinal Tract

For children

>Boosts immunity
>Reduces chances of diarrhoea
>Reduces chances of eczema
>Reduces chances of constipation
>Accelerates gastric emptying and improves regurgitation
>Reduces chances of respiratory allergic disease later in life
>Reduces chances of Escherichia Coli infection
>Reduces chances of Klebisella infection
>Reduces chances of narcotizing enterocolitis
>Reduces chances of atopic dermatitis

Attention Mothers!

Probiotics strains from breast milk are extremely beneficial to your child's health and are sometimes superior to antibiotics!
When breast feeding mothers take PROBIOTICS + PREBIOTICS, there is a positive effect on both mother and child's immunological status.

For teenagers and adults

>Boosts immune system
>Reduces diarrhoea
>Reduces irritable bowel syndrome
>Reduces food allergies
>Reduces digestive illnesses
>Reduces yeast infections
>Reduces urinary tract nfections


Studies have shown that friendly bacteria levels in the gut of a typical over 60-year-old is one thousandth of that of a younger adults, making them much more prone to gastrointestinal infections and bowel conditions!

Unhealthy intestines also puts elderly at the risk of Colorectal Cancer, Singapore's No.1 Cancer killer!

Research have proven that  PROBIOTICS + PREBIOTICS can help to greatly
improve colorectal health!

Many illnesses can be positively affected by
Probiotics and Prebiotics.
Let's look at the  most common illnesses!


Singapore's No.1 Killer Cancer is said by researchers to be linked with having less variety and  good bacteria in the gut!

Patients with Colorectal Cancer were discovered to have their guts filled with harmful bacteria, leading to pre-cancerous formation. Probiotics will help to increase good bacteria growth.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Research has shown that a shocking 20% of the population is affected by IBS and 70% of these people aren't diagnosed with it!

IBS symptoms include diarrhoea, constipation and gastric pain which can be improved through balancing intestinal bacterial to improve intestinal health.


“AdvanCleanse helps with my indigestion, bloating and constipation issues! I love that it is also vegetarian-friendly!”

Sharon, Customer

Our Customers Love Us Because:

Avalon AdvanCleanse

> Probiotics + Prebiotics(GOS)

> 10 billion live probiotic cells

> 7 unique strains certified by FPI

> DNA selection ensure live probiotic cells are resistant to acid, alkali and heat for highest survival rate

Other probiotics supplements

> Only probiotics

> 2-5 billion probiotics per capsule

> 1-3 strains

> Low survival rate of probiotic cells in gastric acid

Brand Y - Yoghurt

> Only Probiotics

> 6.5 billion probiotics content per dose

> 1 strain

> Probiotics in liquid form are unstable and the survival rate is low.

To look out for when purchasing probiotics supplements:

1. Contains both probiotics and prebiotics for maximum effect.
2. Crucial for probiotics to have multiple strains to provide variety. It is best to take probiotics with more than 6 strains.
3. Contains enough probiotic cells to replenish the 8 billion cells lost by our body daily.

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