Hot Spices for a Pepper-Hot Body

Hot Spices for a Pepper-Hot Body

A Funky Throwback to that Spicy Hip-Hop Drop in 2015

Edgy. Chic. These words are not foreign when we recall Korea’s iconic 2NE1 leader CL. ‘Doctor Pepper’ was a 2015 trap song which took CL’s fans on a mind-blowing ride. With enchanting yet dangerous beats as an entrance into the song, fans are captivated by the artist’s hard-hitting rap against strong hypnotic beats. It doesn’t just end here; the song also features American rappers Riff Raff and OC Maco. No wonder it hit global shores. Fun fact: CL wrote the song while drinking a can of Dr. Pepper. Hah.

Unlocking the Secret of Spices

Rather than subscribing to the norms of Korea’s pop culture and body stereotypes, CL does not fall prey to overtly unhealthy and skinny ideals. That’s our girl. Her ‘hot bod’ is no secret to many. It’s time to forgo strict juice-cleanse diets and the tedious work of counting carbs. Let’s talk about spices today.

Legend has it that one loses weight from spice intake. Wait up. Did CL attain her ‘hot bod’ from Dr. Pepper?? Scientific evidence deduces that spices increase metabolism and enhance fat-burning in our body. This may not solely be a legend after all.

Curcumin, The Modern Spin on Ginger

This natural, bright and eye-catching compound is anti-inflammatory, used for centuries in medicine. What’s the catch? You might wonder. It effectively regulates metabolism of fat cells, in turn reducing fatty acids and regulating cholesterol in the body. Not just that. Curcumin also supports liver and kidney health, whilst inhibiting the body’s overall ability to store unhealthy fat in organs. This maintains a healthier blood glucose level. Spice does work wonders!

Piperine, The Spice You Can’t Get Out of Your Mind

Ever had a first love you took years to move on from? Piperine has an uncanny resemblance to all our first loves. Extracted from black pepper, many describe this spice to hold a strong and potent aroma, one that leaves an impactful first impression. Well, just as how every first relationship benefits us with a takeaway in life, this spice is a superfood compound which benefits our body with vitamins A, B6, C, E, K and minerals. Talk about nutrition! Piperine works as a powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals in our body, while increasing the calories we burn.

These spices work in synergy with a healthy diet and adequate exercise in attaining a good healthy figure. Check out AVALON® Fat Burner Plus today! About time we incorporate these natural and effective spices into our healthy weight loss regimen.



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