Once Upon A Time in the Tang Dynasty

Once Upon A Time in the Tang Dynasty

There Lived A Noble Beauty

This woman is none other than Imperial Consort, Yang Yu Huan, as portrayed by Fan Bing Bing in Lady of the Dynasty (a must-watch epic romance war film). Known as one of the four beauties of ancient China, legend has it that she has a face which ‘puts all flowers to shame’. Enamoured by her unnerving beauty and grace, Emperor Xuan Zong courted Yang.

How did she maintain her skin in the 700s?! Last we checked, skincare was definitely not so advanced back in the Tang Dynasty. Thankfully, we have the intelligence of poet Xiao Xing Zao. Myth or not, he had depicted the Imperial Consort to have consumed Ejiao soup every day, made from donkey-hide gelatin, a form of collagen. Her collagen concoction involves Ejiao, rice wine, walnuts, black sesame and crystal sugar.


Soup for the Masses

While collagen soup was relatively scarce in ancient times, where only the elite and honourable could have the luxury to nourish themselves with, this has definitely evolved to a modern-day elixir – collagen drinks! These drinks mainly help with firming and retaining youthfulness. Nonetheless… Collagen itself is NOT ENOUGH. The evolution does not stop here, and beauty drinks are instead taking the spotlight. Why beauty drinks rather than collagen drinks? You might wonder. Well, beauty drinks contain ingredients to target different skin issues, the fundamental criterion for healthy skin.


Before Age-Rewind, Let’s Rewind & Take A Step Back Before Collagen

Here at AVALON®, we pride ourselves by the extensive R&D that goes behind some of our star products, such as the AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink. It contains Orchid Stemcell, which boasts 128% cell repair ability of damaged skin cells, the root cause of skin issues. This stellar product contains other refreshing natural ingredients such as Acerola Cherry, Litchi Seed Extract, Vitamin C and Olive Extract etc. These key ingredients target the root cause of skin issues such as pigmentation and acne! Repair of skin barrier is the first step to allow better absorption of collagen. Through a clinical study, the anti-wrinkles efficacy of Stemcell Beauty Drink is revealed – wrinkles were reduced by 12.6%!

In fact, skin also sports a healthier, natural glow! Clinical results have shown that Stemcell Beauty Drink elevates skin brightness by 8.9%. 


Beauty time with Chai Yi (@chaizpiez) affirms the holisticness of this elixir, which is known to protect skin against UV rays! Seeking your go-to protection from within, to protect your skin from environmental damage all while coping with skin issues and boosting collagen? Cart out AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink today, you will be surprised!




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