Song Ji Hyo's Skincare Secret – Is Sunscreen Really Enough?

Song Ji Hyo's Skincare Secret – Is Sunscreen Really Enough?

Seriously? How does Ji Hyo look so fresh in her 30s??

‘Blank Ji’ and ‘Ace Ji Hyo’ are some of the many endearing nicknames fans have given this Running Man goddess. She never fails to surprise us with her tenacity and wit on the show! At times aloof (hence ‘Blank Ji’), yet at times being the quick-witted Lady Luck who steals the show, one thing is for sure; she always looks her best on Running Man, be it bare-faced or with makeup!

Get It Beauty: Ji Hyo’s Sunscreen Advice

Now, let’s unravel the secret to having such fair and clear skin with close to zero wrinkles! On Get It Beauty, Korea’s iconic beauty TV show, Ji Hyo cleanses a full face of makeup and flaunts her flawless bare-faced skin. The key to protecting her face? Sunscreen. Being a Running Man member and an actress, her busy schedule makes it extremely crucial to protect her skin meticulously, especially with the need to film outdoors under UV rays frequently.

Sunscreen Alone… It’s A Mad Hustle

Given the intensive long hours filming, it’s inevitable that… Sunscreen. Wears. Out!!! The need to constantly reapply sunscreen also intensifies since the show has water games! In fact, research shows that sunscreen should, realistically, be reapplied every two hours. Crazy as it sounds. Running Man members frequently sport their typical go-to attire – a long-sleeved cotton shirt inside their team-coloured shirts, so as to protect their skin from the sun. Wow. Even I can’t do that in summer… It’s way too hot. Kudos to the show and their A+ effort!

Verdict of the Day: Sunscreen Is Not Enough

We have come too far. We have sinned. We have realized that sunscreen is not enough! It’s July but it’s never too late to attain the next best UV-protection remedy that complements sunscreen for our skin. Don’t worry, as always, the AVALON® Beauty Team has a convenient and well-targeted effective solution for you – the AVALON® Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot.

No, this is not ‘just another’ product mention. This beauty shot is SERIOUSLY the worthwhile investment you need. Why? Because it protects your skin from external aggressors like UV rays and even pollutants from WITHIN. You might have seen Running Man members washing their faces with rice water in the morning while filming overnight episodes in the wilderness. Why yes! The immense nutrients that rice water provides our skin is also encapsulated in this powerful Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot.

Even better. Infused with rice ceramide and premium marine collagen peptides, this beauty shot strengthens skin barrier, replenishes moisture and firms skin, all while protecting skin against environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollutants. Better late than never to start things right! Well, this doesn’t mean sunscreen is not needed of course. In fact, it is the first layer of protection for your skin. To complement it and save you the worry of it wearing off, Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot is a trusty line of defence from within. 

It’s More Than Just UV Protection – Skin Repair is Necessary

Well, if you guys are up to date with AVALON® Beauty (we hope you are, beauties 👉🏻👈🏻), you would have chanced upon Beauty Queen Dara and our coveted AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink on Get It Beauty too!

On that, it is crucial to note that we need healthy skin cells which can even absorb sunscreen and other nutrients to begin with! Hence, skin repair is necessary, and this is achievable with Orchid Stemcells, which rapidly repairs damaged skin cells. With that, our skin can better absorb nutrients.

Gear up for this July’s skin focus – UV protection! AVALON® Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot and AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink are both on offer now. Repair and strengthen your skin barrier today. Hurry snag these gems!


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