Spending Guide for Collagen Products in Singapore

Spending Guide for Collagen Products in Singapore

spending guide for collagen products in Singapore

Spending Guide for Collagen Products in Singapore

Singaporeans are all about living trendy healthy lifestyles. Lately, many have frequent fitness studios like the spin classes, barre, boxing classes.and the less active ones have also started on home workouts. To achieve their desired health and beauty goals, they have also started to adopt a healthier diet and complement it with nutritional supplements. Proof? Singapore spent S$490 million on vitamins and supplements in 2017 alone!


Collagen supplements are one of the most sought-after beauty supplements in the Singapore market today, with effects like anti-ageing, skin tightening and rejuvenation, and hair and nail strengthening. While collagen supplements offer great benefits, they are not cheap - priced at around $40-180 in Singapore today.


Make the best out of your money spent with our 5 useful spending tips for collagen products:


1. Know how much collagen you need

Know how much collagen you need

Did you know that your body can only absorb about 10 grams of collagen each day? A single collagen beauty drink contains just the amount of collagen you need for the day, so taking one serving of collagen supplement in a day is usually enough to reap collagen’s benefits. Check out what you need from a trusted collagen brand and stick to it - and you will be spending within your means!


2. Set a budget for the month

The lowest budget you can set for collagen supplements is about $50 a month. AVALON®’s DewyPure Collagen Peptide costs slightly under $50 for a box of 30 collagen sachets - enough to last you a whole month! AVALON® recommends that you take 1-2 sachets daily for the first week, and then alternate 1 sachet every other day after that to achieve healthy, radiant and moisturized skin.

spending budget guide for collagen supplements

If you wish to incorporate other collagen products like beauty drinks or facial masks, you can always adjust your monthly budget according to your means. However, always remember to take the right amount of collagen that you need!


3. Pair your products well

Keeping within a healthy collagen diet does not mean that you can only use one product at a time. Do some fun mixing and matching with your collagen products to achieve results perfect for your skin condition. You can always add a collagen facial mask on top of your supplement diet to increase collagen production in your face for smoother and bouncier skin, or alternate between collagen beauty shots for amazing targeted benefits.

pairing your collagen products

Our fantastic solution is to switch between AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink and Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot for hydration - or Stemcell Beauty Drink and Radiant Sakura Beauty Shot for skin brightening. Either way, mixing it up keeps your collagen diet exciting and helps you reap greater benefits!


4. Choose the best products

best products collagen supplements

Not to forget, you want to get a collagen product that you can trust to give you the results you want. Marine collagen supplements are widely recommended to be the best collagen ingredient there is, so pick a collagen product that uses marine collagen ingredients for the greatest results! AVALON® collagen beauty shots and powder are made up of only marine collagen peptides that are easy for absorption.


5. Take a curious look at celebrity spending

celebrity look beauty supplement with collagen

Celebrities are far from oblivious to the collagen beauty craze! Kate Hudson spends S$49 on a beauty supplement with collagen ingredients, Kylie Jenner uses a collagen supplement that costs $48, and Jennifer Aniston takes one priced over S$30 - these celebrities spend a reasonable amount on individual collagen products. Collagen products are worth spending on and undeniably trusted by stunning personalities around the world!


All in all, you don’t have to overindulge in collagen supplements in order to reap their benefits - finding the right type and set of collagen products suited for you can help you make your money worth. 

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