Transcending Traditions to Love Ourselves this CNY

Transcending Traditions to Love Ourselves this CNY

Dear Lovelies,

Have you heard of the ancient Chinese Legend? Once upon a time, there was a ferocious monster by the name of “Nian”. Every year on New Year’s Eve, it would emerge from the dark sea and hunt villagers and their livestock. This catastrophe was overturned when an old, wise man came along the village and instructed the villagers to light their homes with candles and paste red papers on their front doors. Since then, people would dress in new clothes and set off fireworks to ward off evil spirits. Gone were the times when the village was dark. Chinese New Year gained its term “Guo Nian”, symbolizing the survival of Nian’s attack.

The AVALON Beauty Team would like to commemorate this ancient legend and keep it close to heart by recommending ways we can ‘Guo Nian’ together this year!


Dress in Pastel Tones to Start the New Year Bright


What I love about the online retail space is that there are just so many options available! One example would be the pastel collection by Fayth! Flaunting a variety of timeless pieces, ranging from playsuits to sweet dresses, this apparel store does not disappoint. The pastel collection is absolutely lovely, perfect for a bright sunny day when you want to look elegant yet playful. Check them out to ‘Guo Nian’ brightly!


Be Bold with that Eyeshadow Palette – Have fun experimenting!


Of course, how can we forget makeup. It’s that fun time of the year where cosmetic brands come up with funky themes to match CNY. Oftentimes decked in red or sporting the zodiac animal of the year, brands like COLOURPOP show us how to have fun in the Year of the Ox! Check out their cute punchline, ‘the lunar the better’. Got to love their beautiful palettes. Go big this CNY and have fun painting away!



A ‘Guo Nian’ Conqueror – AVALON’s Netflix & Chill Set

In light of the 8-people restriction, many of us might be spending more time at home. That entails… snacking on all the CNY snacks! Too laze for the #werkforit campaign? AVALON® Netflix & Chill Set will be your best friend. This intensive detox-slimming set does the work for you, while you sit back and enjoy your movie marathon and snacks!


If you love snuggling up on your couch but feel sinful when you grab food every 20 minutes, here’s what AVALON® Fat Burner Plus does for you. Besides increasing your metabolism and preventing fat accumulation, spices such as turmeric have been proven to treat stomach-related problems. AVALON® Fat Burner Plus also contains curcumin, a natural anti-inflammatory compound used in medicine for centuries. A bonus point lies in Fat Burner Plus’s support of the liver, kidney, and joint health! Don’t worry about that sedentary life.


If a stay-home cocktail party is part of the plan, AVALON® JustUme Fiber Plum in this Netflix & Chill Set saves the days with its remarkable detox properties. It contains the Japanese Umeboshi Plums, 2 Probiotic strains, and a special blend of herbs to help cleanse our digestive tract. A fiber plum a day keeps the doctor away! It helps to reduce problems that are commonly associated with acidic pH levels, such as excessive bloating, skin problems, weight gain, and lethargy. Improve your complexion with this gem and restore your body’s pH balance! Let’s ‘Guo Nian’ together with the right way, which starts with taking care of ourselves! Get this ultimate detox-slimming duo today.

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