Treat Yo-Self in the Season of Giving with X’mas Buffets and High Tea

Treat Yo-Self in the Season of Giving with X’mas Buffets and High Tea

#1 Festive Lunch at COLONY

Be prepared to be wow-ed by a glorious line-up of sashimi, cheese platter and local roast meats. Colony’s Festive Lunch is available from 21 November till 30 December, priced at $68 per adult and $34 per child (6 to 12 years of age). It starts at 12pm, and last order is set at 2pm. Situated at Ritz Carlton, one may relish in lavish dreams of dining like a Crazy Rich Asian.

The interior of the restaurant boasts about everything on how a Sunday afternoon should be. With ample natural sunlight diffusing into the restaurant through its ceilings, one may engage in heartfelt talks and bask in the sunlight, all within an air-conditioned interior.


#2 Weekend Champagne Brunch at InterContinental Singapore

An exquisite Weekend Champagne Brunch with a fusion menu of delights from the East and West. That’s how they coined it at Ash & Elm. A self-proclaimed representative of the ancient silk road trade route, one may expect dishes such as Prawn Paste Brazilian Spring Chicken and Char Siew Duroc signature meats from the Charcoal Grill. Priced at $88 per adult and $48 per child, this buffet is inclusive of unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks, and juices. Diners have the option to top up $44 for unlimited Taittinger Brut champagne, house wines, and beers as well.


#3 Signature High Tea Set at Arteastiq

If the previous palates may be a tad bit heavy for those with a smaller appetite, consider the Signature High Tea Set at Arteastiq. Lighter on your tummy, lighter on your wallet. This set goes at $48 for 2, $32 for 1 pax. Of course, snag a table for you and your plus one, or even your mum! I’ve personally tried this set at the Plaza Singapura outlet, and I have to say, it was worth it! This tea set has two tiers – savoury and sweets. The savoury tray stole my heart with its smoked salmon roulade with cream cheese and tobiko, and its truffle shell pasta. Both of which held explosive flavours you will not regret trying! Available in three outlets – Plaza Singapura, Jewel, and Mandarin Gallery, be sure to make your booking in advance from 1pm to 5 pm. For those who wish to try this outlet for lunch, the Luscious Seafood High Tea is available for you to check out as well!


It is perfectly okay to dream big.

Sometimes we just need this daily mantra in our life. Indulge in buffets and high teas all while maintaining our fitspo goals? I don’t see why not. This December is all about having the best-of-both-worlds when you have AVALON®’s Couch Potatoes Set, Netflix & Chill Set and Carbs for Life Set! With all the feasting and enjoyment this festive season, you can’t miss out on your trusty companions.

The Netflix & Chill set includes AVALON® JustUme Fiber Plum and AVALON® Fat Burner Plus, great for those who need a good ol’ end-of-year detox. #JustUme with us and restore your body’s pH balance, cleanse your digestive tract, and reduce bloating! 2020 toxicity is out, let’s welcome 2021 the right way. Not to mention, the Fat Burner Plus in this ‘chill’ set increases metabolism as well, don’t be afraid to be chilling too much!

The Carbs for Life set includes AVALON® JustUme and AVALON® Carb Blocker Advance. Well, if you don’t frequently indulge in food with high trans-fat, this set might be your ideal pick. Also, Carb Blocker Advance maintains healthy cholesterol and blood sugar level, blocks carbohydrate, sugar, and fat absorption. Block them carbs and enjoy a thorough detox with these 2 companions.

The Couch Potatoes set includes AVALON® Fat Burner Plus and AVALON® Carb Blocker Advance, perfect for those who wish to burn off excess fat and carbohydrates, all while building up your metabolism and preventing fat absorption! Furthermore, these bundle supports kidney, liver, and joint health, as well as maintains healthy blood sugar and cholesterol level.

To aid your decision in which set to purchase, you may find the summarized benefits of all three products below!


JustUme Fiber Plum

  • Restores the body's pH balance
  • Cleanses the digestive tract safely and naturally
  • Promotes bowel motion
  • Reduces bloating, gas, and flatulence
  • Improves bad breath and body odour
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves complexion with long term consumption

Fat Burner Plus

  • Increases metabolism
  • Burns excess body fats
  • Prevents fat absorption
  • Prevents carbohydrates from turning into fats
  • Supports liver, kidney & joint health
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol & blood sugar level 

Carb Blocker Advance

  • Blocks carbohydrate absorption
  • Blocks sugar absorption
  • Blocks fat absorption
  • Prevents breakdown of starch into sugar
  • Prevents fat accumulation
  • Increases carbohydrate & fat metabolism
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol & blood sugar level
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