What are stem cells? What do they do for us?

What are stem cells? What do they do for us?

In recent years, stem cells have been commonly used in our daily skincare and supplements. Products that are formulated with stem cells are growing in demand due to the numerous benefits they have for our skin and bodies.

 What are stem cells and how why people are interested in stem cell products

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are our bodies’ raw materials, under the right body conditions stem cells can be divided into more cells, known as the daughter cells, which can help our bodies regenerate and replace dead cells. Adult stem cells are found in small numbers in most adult tissues. These cells have limited abilities and are not as capable as embryonic stem cells.

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Why are stem cell supplements in high demand?

Stem cell supplements contain stem cells that help the skin and body’s cells to repair and regenerate. As we age, our bodies no longer produce new cells; dead cells would create possibilities for diseases. The hectic work stress and schedules cause rapid degeneration of our skin and body cells. Hence, with the aid of supplements, our bodies can eliminate the dead cells and absorb the nutrients required.


Who should take stem cell supplements?

Be it old, young, healthy, or weak, everyone can consume stem cells supplements. However, for people who are pregnant and on medication, please seek advice from your doctors.


Are these supplements expensive?

Stem cell supplements usually cost more than traditional supplements as the process of harvesting and retaining their bio-activeness require more time and effort. However, they are very effective.


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Any recommended stemcell supplements?

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Where do I purchase the Avalon Stemcell Beauty Drink?

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