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AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest is 100% natural with a 5-free system (Free from preservatives, coloring, flavouring, stabilizer, and bleaching agent). With its premium nourishment and numerous benefits, it is designed to nourish skin & lungs, boost immunity, and for wound recovery for all ages!

Product of Singapore.


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No Preservatives . No Artificial Flavors . No Artificial Colorings . No Bleaching Agent . No Stabilizer . 


>Maintains youthfulness and enhances skin complexion
>Maintains and enhances long-term health for seniors
>Provides prenatal nourishment during pregnancy
>Provides postnatal nourishment for new mothers
>Nourishes lungs and preventing coughs
>Provides nutrition to growing children
>Provides nutrition for recovering patients with weak bodies

40% More Sialic Acid

Than The Other Brands!

100% Natural

Direct from 'home of bird nests', Malaysia where the unique climate of South East Asia, Golden Bird Nests are produced without pollution near the seaside. The Avalon Finest Superior Bird's Nest are pure and free from preservatives and artificial colorings and flavors.

Premium Ingredients

Not all bird nests can be called 'imperial bird nest'. Strips, broken nests, left over nests are all not considered superior.

Traditional, Golden imperial bird nests are only served to the Royals. Only the best quality bird nests are selected.

Ethical Processes

Avalon Finest Superior's Bird's Nest is manufactured by the world class factory with 20 years of experience.

The feathers of the premium bird's nest are picked out carefully by hands, and processed with UV bacteria treatment.

The Goodness of Bird's Nest For Men

Bird’s nest is a rare ingredient that cleanses the lungs and nourishes the respiratory system. Especially for men, bird’s nest can aid lung, stomach, and spleen function, enhance male energy and physical fitness, raise energy levels and relieve stress and fatigue.

Nourishing For The Elderly

As the middle-aged and elderly are declining in physical fitness, the water-solubility of the glycoprotein in bird’s nest can directly stimulate cell growth in the immune system and strengthen immunity. It also accelerates metabolism and effectively improves blood circulation and lowers cholesterol.

Pre/Post-Natal Superfood

Nutrition is crucial during pregnancy. As bird’s nest is rich in active protein, it can promote tissue growth and boosts the immune system. This not only benefits the mother, but also the child, as bird’s nest acid can make the baby stronger, healthier, and more resistant to illnesses

Healthier Skin & Health For Women

Skincare products with bird’s nest are often used, as it promotes smooth and even skin, reduces wrinkles, prevents acne, and even enriches the blood and restores circulation. It also has a curative effect on menstrual discomfort and helps regulates the menstrual cycle.

Strengthen Immunity For Children

Regular consumption of bird’s nest by children can accelerate the metabolism, enhance physical fitness, and holistically promote heath by enhancing the immune system to increase resistance against illnesses. Bird’s nest also aids in the development of the brain, in areas such as overall intelligence and responsiveness.


“My dry cough improves after 30 bottles. My complexion seems brighter too!”

Jana L

“The bird nest used is good grade ❤️”


Avocado Bird's Nest

Functions: Contains anti-aging properties, hydrates, nourishes, supports liver and uterus

Ingredients: 1 bottle of AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest and 1 avocado

Method: Cut the avocado into half, mash the avocado with a spoon and mix AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest. Enjoy the goodness from the shell!

Dragon Fruit Bird's Nest

Functions: Contains anti-aging properties and antioxidants, nourishes qi and hydrates the body

Ingredients: 1 bottle of AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest and dragon fruit

Method: First cut the dragon fruit into half, remove the flesh. Smash the dragon fruit flesh with a spoon and mix with AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest. You may shape some of the dragon fruit flesh into balls for better presentation. Serve the dragon fruit shell as a bowl.

Pomegranate Bird's Nest

Functions: Improves complexion, nourishes qi, improves detoxification and contains anti-oxidants

Ingredients: 1 bottle of AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest and pomegranate

Method: Pour pomegranate into a bowl, then put AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest. As simple as it sounds, enjoy this bowl of goodness within 1 minute!

Fish Head Bird's Nest Soup

Functions: Improves wellness, beneficial for women during postpartum period

Ingredients: 1 bottle of AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest, 1 fish head, 2~3 slices of ginger and celery

Method: Wash the fish head, fry until it becomes slightly yellow in colour. Prepare 50ml of hot water, add 250ml of water and boil for about 1 hour. Season it with a pinch of salt and add AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest. Enjoy!

Crab Roe Bird's Nest Soup

Functions: Nourishes qi, reduces fatigue or nausea

Ingredients: 1 bottle of AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest, 6g crab meat, 6g crab roe, 4g egg white, 50g stock, 1 slice of ginger, wine (绍酒), corn flour and lard

Method: Beat the egg white in a bowl. Cut the crab meat and mash the crab roe for later use. Add lard, ginger, stock, crab meat, a little wine (绍酒) in the pot and wait for it to thicken. Remove the pot from the fire, slowly add the egg white and the mashed crab roe. Put the pot back on the stove and add some lard. Wait for it to boil. Pour it into a bowl and mix well with AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest.

Gui Ling Gao with Bird's Nest

Functions: Cools the body, relieves cough and soothes the lungs.

Ingredients: 1 bottle of AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest, milk and GuiLingGao

Method: Cut the GuiLingGao into pieces, placed it in a bowl, add some milk and AVALON® Finest Superior Bird’s Nest. It is ready to be served!

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