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Avalon® Health & Beauty

AVALON® Slimming Starter Pack

AVALON® Slimming Starter Pack

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AVALON® Slimming Healthy Green Tea is formulated with a blend of 100% natural herbs to provide a safe and healthy way to boost gastrointestinal function and achieve healthy weight loss. With over 36 million boxes sold per year, wash down undesirable body fats with one of the world's best selling slimming healthy green tea.

Armed with strong antioxidant and fat-burning properties, AVALON® Fat Burner is a revolutionary slimming formula that is free from harmful substances. The active ingredients in AVALON® Fat Burner have been proven to effectively burn calories & fats and lower blood cholesterol levels and visceral fats. AVALON® Fat Burner's 100% natural formula adheres to WHO's guidelines and does not induce common side effects such as diarrhoea, excessive water loss, heart palpitations, weight bounce, or fatigue. 

Product of Singapore.


AVALON® Slimming Healthy Green Tea

  • Breaks down fats
  • Boosts metabolism 
  • Lowers calories intake
  • Relieves water retention
  • Increases fat burning rate
  • Promotes bowel regularity
  • Prevents the conversion of carbohydrates & sugars into fats

AVALON® Fat Burner

  • Burns off excess fats
  • Increases fat metabolism
  • Delays the breakdown of starch into sugar
  • Inhibits carbohydrates from turning into fats
  • Supports healthy cholesterol level
  • Regulates bowel movements
  • Powerful antioxidant


AVALON® Slimming Healthy Green Tea
(Decaffeinated) Green Tea, Honeysuckle Flower, Cassia Seed, Lotus Leaf, Fiveleaf Gynostemma, Hawthorn Fruit, Senna Leaf, Honey, Vitamin B1, B2, B6.

AVALON® Fat Burner

Patented Probiotics, African Wild Mango Seed extract and Water-Soluble Dietary Fiber, Vegetable Capsules.

Direction of Use

AVALON® Slimming Healthy Green Tea
Take 1-2 tea bags each time, 2 times daily. Pour 300ml of boiling water directly over the teabag and allow the tea to brew for 5-8 minutes before drinking. To be taken 30 minutes after lunch and dinner.

AVALON® Fat Burner

Suggested for use as an addition to the diet. Take 1 packet (2 capsules) daily in the morning before bed or before a big meal. Maximum 4 capsules a day.

Storage & Precaution

Keep in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

If you are nursing, pregnant, or with a medical condition, consult your health care practitioner prior to using this product.

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