Circuit breaker weight gain can happen, and this is how to prevent it

Circuit breaker weight gain can happen, and this is how to prevent it


If there is one disadvantage of the circuit breaker, it is the risk of putting on a few extra unnecessary weights. It has not been too long since we were told to #StayHome unless for essential errand runs or work-related duties. But, while most of us have lessened our worries and adjusted to the sudden change in lifestyle, there's also a heap load of pressure to refrain from constantly finding something to munch on at home. Furthermore, with gyms and fitness studios ceasing operations temporarily, it is simply, well, impossible to not up a few pant sizes.

But there is no denying that we can avoid weight gain and maintain optimal health. Below are #6tips to help get you healthy.

Tip #1 Good quality sleep


A lack of good rest makes the body craves for food. Hunger is controlled by 2 hormones: Leptin and Ghrelin. Ghrelin is the hormone that stimulates hunger and Leptin production makes your stomach feels fuller.

Most adults require 7-9 hours of sleep per night. This means that sleeping less than 6 hours a night induces hunger. Besides supporting weight loss, sleeping also boosts your immunity and improves skin health.

Tip #2 Drink water before meals

Water is known as an appetite suppressant. Drinking 1 cup of water in the morning before breakfast and 1-2 cups of water before each meal can help make you feel fuller and hence, reducing the amount of food you put into your body.

Tip #3 Meal plan


Meal planning can help you to better decide and prepare weight loss meals, making full use of the ingredients for the next few days or even for weeks; especially during this COVID-19 pandemic where all of us must lessen the frequencies for outdoor marketing. But considering the overwhelming options, one has when it comes to food, a weight loss meal plan must be rich in fiber, proteins and low in carbs.

Protein and fiber-rich food help reduce cravings as it keeps you fuller longer.

For example, eggs and quinoa

Processed food and refined carbohydrates are rich in calories and low in nutrients.

For example, white bread and luncheon meat

Tip #4 Exercising


The most effective way to stay healthy and in shape is to exercise. But we all know that working out isn't as easy as eating. Try lifting weights at least thrice a week(If you do not own a dumbbell, you can improvise by using a filled bottle, a pack of rice or some old books). Working out online with friends can be a fun way to get you motivated on a workout routine too; gather your friends for a simple 20 mins workout twice a week!

A side tip to this would be to keep a reward jar. Drop a dollar in for every successful workout completed. Reward yourself with the money by buying a new workout gear after this circuit breaker.

Tip #5 Drinking coffee or tea

Both natural green tea and coffee can help boost your metabolism rate and improve your body’s overall ability to burn fats due to the high caffeine concentration found in these beverages. However, this is only when consumed without milk or sugar added.

But having said that, most green tea and coffee contain caffeine which can steer people away from consuming these beverages, especially at night. Which is why we are going to let you in on our little ‘safe & sound’ secret.

Tip #6 AVALON ® Fat Burner Plus


Made with 100% natural ingredients, AVALON ® Fat Burner Plus is an improved formula designed to be 5 times stronger to help boost metabolism rate while being caffeine-free. It also contains no diuretic, laxative or appetite suppressant content and hence will not induce any dehydration, diarrhoea or anorexia.

For people who get frustrated with having to control their diet or for those who gain weight due to internal factors and other commitments, AVALON ® Fat Burner Plus is your #1 solution. AVALON ® Fat Burner Plus has many amazing benefits such as:

  • Increases metabolism
  • Burns excess body fats
  • Prevents fat absorption
  • Prevents carbohydrates from turning into fats
  • Supports liver, kidney & joint health
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol & blood sugar level

So, end your search for a safe and effective slimming product.
Try AVALON ® Fat Burner Plus!

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