On Today’s Intimate Talk, It’s All About Confidence and Glow

On Today’s Intimate Talk, It’s All About Confidence and Glow

Here’s what Hollywood stars have to say

This year, we celebrate International Women’s Day with the powerful female voices of those in the limelight who stood up for women’s rights and gender equality. It is daunting to speak up all the time, and it certainly is harder for those who are constantly in the spotlight. On today’s intimate talk, let us appreciate the impactful quotes these strong women have to say and follow up with some of the best ways to celebrate being a woman!

Indeed, we need to keep the conversation going. While many societies are stepping up on efforts to reduce gender bias, such as having more representation for women on the board, gender discrimination still very much exists. Just less than 2 years ago, WeWork was caught up in a controversy when an employee was demoted due to her pregnancy and the new male hire who took her place was offered double her annual salary.

Kudos to Emma Watson, our beloved activist. Feminism should be the sword of liberation for all women.. We should not condemn other women for not supporting the movement, as that would defeat the purpose of feminism itself. These are indeed wise words by our lovely Harry Potter star.

Sometimes, a sense of equality is an emotion, where it has to be felt and not seen through actions, such as the feeling of being able to speak freely and comfortably. Jennifer Lawrence attests to this, admitting that she once kept trying to “find the ‘adorable’ way to state (her) opinion and still be likeable”. Sometimes, women just need to be heard, and it shouldn’t be a worry to voice our thoughts.


What is your idea of a confident woman?

Well, mine is simple. She laughs without a care. She cries when she needs to. She cares about her voice, unafraid to speak for herself. She lives for herself. I believe there is truly no other way to celebrate this momentous day than to celebrate the very essence of being a woman. Here at AVALON, it can start with something as simple as replenishing that glow on our face with Stemcell Beauty Drink!

We strive to be a confident woman every day and Stemcell Beauty drink would be the treat you look forward to after a long day. Pampering has to start with good skincare from within! This beauty elixir is my personal favourite, tasting like a fruity summer afternoon. I’m not kidding, the natural ingredients such as Litchi Seed Extract and Acerola Cherry gives it its fruity taste, and this drink is best enjoyed chilled. You may even have some fun with it by adding it to a DIY mocktail! It is absolutely versatile, and you would also reap greater benefits by complementing it with AVALON Hydra Ceramide Beauty Shot or Japanese Fish Collagen. Working together to protect against external aggressors and boost your intestinal system.

Of course, that is not all to the benefits of AVALON’s bestseller supplement. AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink has great functional benefits as well; it contains its signature orchid stemcells which fight the root cause of skin problems – damaged skin cells! Upon the necessary first step of repairing skin cells, premium marine collagen peptides step in to resolve major skin issues – retention of skin moisture, brightening of skin tone, tightening of our pores, improvement of skin firmness, reduction of wrinkles and pigmentation, and even improving acne issues!


#CelebrateYourFemi with us

Now that we got the top covered, we can’t forget the bottom (pun intended). Confidence indeed stems from within, from top to bottom. Today, in this safe space, let’s talk about intimate health! It is so essential to keep our intimate area fresh, and with AVALON Femicare Probiotics, that is half the battle won! that is half the battle won with AVALON Femicare Probiotics. The other half comes with proper hygiene (appropriate showers) and self-love!

Femicare Probiotics is a premium formula with multi-strain 20 billion CFU female-friendly probiotics. It promotes balance in microflora and pH level. Infused with cranberry extract, it supports your urinary tract and vaginal health, all while improving female hygiene!

Leave your worries behind, because AVALON Femicare Probiotics is here to help those who have felt pain during urination, foul smell from the intimate area, itching, abnormal vaginal discharge or even pain during intimacy! Snag this gem today to prevent bacterial infections and replenish your body with pomegranate extract – high in antioxidants and antimicrobial activity. Be confident, with a fresh and clean intimate area all day!

Of course, for those looking for detox hacks, you may try Aloe Multiple Detox, the award-winning top detox supplement in Singapore, enhanced with 3 billion CFUs Probiotics Complex. Read more here: https://avalonofficial.com/blogs/insider-news/healthier-goodies-for-a-fresh-start-after-cny-feastings With that, let’s #CelebrateYourFemi today, from top to bottom. Self-care starts from within, and here at AVALON, we got that all covered for you. Behind every successful woman is herself, and now with AVALON Beauty Products too!

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