Sip Tea like Harley Quinn

Sip Tea like Harley Quinn

Queen of Madness… & Attitude

That’s our lovely Suicide Squad femme fatale. No one else drinks tea like a boss in a prison cell. Our favourite DC character is sweet, giddy and girlish. Nonetheless, she knows when to be a fierce fighter. So many reasons to love this girl who’s full of giggles. There are also many who love the dramatic romance between Harley Quinn and the Joker, but today let’s shed light on what we should be going mad for instead of love – tea.

“Will You Live for Me?” The Joker questioned with a menacing smile.

“Yes.” – this was the definitive response Harley Quinn gave the Joker. Her love for him transcended time and space, perhaps even her sanity, as she took a leap into a chemical bath. Do not ever do this.

Go Crazy for Tea, Not Love.

If there’s anything that can’t be emphasised further in life, it’s to live for yourself, not anyone else. Please don’t jump into toxicity (pun intended). Instead, let’s detox and focus on self-care. AVALON® Slimming Healthy Green Tea might be something you can live for instead. Besides being a therapeutic pamper-me tea, this tea is multi-purposeful; it helps to break down fats and boost your metabolism!

Green tea does not only exude elegance and tranquility, its unique blend of ingredients is perfect for a healthy morning cup of tea, or even as an iced refreshing glass of tea in the afternoon. With high antioxidant properties, this tea is blended with honey to fight off free radicals. Infused with Honey Suckle Flower and Hawthorn Fruit, AVALON® Slimming Healthy Green Tea improves gut health and aids digestion as well.

Be constantly on the ball like Harley, as this tea is infused with Fiveleaf Gynostemma, a natural ingredient that strengthens your immune system. Besides, you don’t have to worry about bowel irregularity, as Cassia Seed, Lotus Leaf and Senna Leaf are used in this tea to promote smooth bowel movements.

Of course, if self-care isn’t selfish, skincare isn’t too. Green tea is a source of Vitamins B1, B2 and B6, supporting skin health, on top of healthy functioning of the nervous system. Talk about being a beauty with brains! If you haven’t already carted this box of tea from AVALON®, quick get your hands on it! It’s never too late to pamper yourself with tea therapy, especially with a multi-beneficial one that supports gut health, healthy weight loss and a stronger immunity. Don’t forget to sip on it with attitude like our dear Harley Quinn!

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