What’s Splashing All Over the Tabloids This Month? Women’s Health.

What’s Splashing All Over the Tabloids This Month? Women’s Health.

Dazzle with your biggest smile because it’s September

Sexual Health Month is happening right now, this very second as we breathe! International Women’s Day may well be over, but that does not stop us from celebrating being a woman. Busy at work? Mugging out for hours on end? Take a minute to relax and LOVE yourself!


It’s simple. Dedicate time by pampering yourself from head to toe.

Be it that face mask that you soooo love. Or that trusty body exfoliator. Take a long, warm shower and work that skincare! Be sure to take extra care and effort to lather them on!

Warm showers have calming effects, and scientifically reduce tiredness and fatigue. If you have trouble relaxing and falling asleep at night, take a warm shower. You will be surprised with the results! It effectively helps with muscle relaxation, as well as removing blemishes.


Dress Up & Make Up!

Somedays, as a woman, dress up not for your man, your friends or anyone but for YOURSELF.

A little shimmer goes a long way. For some of us, makeup is the substitute for ‘liquid courage’. For others, it’s just that ‘feel-good’ factor that perks us up! Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold makeup on days you are feeling a tad bit adventurous, go all out and do you! Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. Whether it’s a special occasion or not, adorn yourself with that pretty dress if you feel like it.


Of course, how can we forget the most intimate self-care?

Celebrate being a woman with us here at AVALON® during this Sexual Health Month.

You might just score yourself an intimate bestie – the AVALON® FemiCare Probiotics. Feminine care is easily overlooked. Most people even forego feminine wash, as it is more convenient to wash their intimate areas with regular body wash. Well, if you are one of them, fret not as AVALON® FemiCare Probiotics is your all-in-one solution for fresh and clean intimate area all day! Heads up. September also means AVALON® 9.9 SALE!! Plus-point: FemiCare Probiotics is included!

What are the benefits of FemiCare Probiotics that I can gain?

FemiCare Probiotics boast not only a list of accolades from Moscow and Taiwan, but also 20 billion CFU probiotics. A long, warm shower a day is definitely not enough to keep your intimate area clean – it does not regulate the acidic pH level of the intimate area, which could cause “bad bacteria” to thrive. Female-friendly probiotics prevents bacterial infections! Besides, FemiCare Probiotics contain cranberry extract, which supports urinary tract health and prevents inflammation. Its pomegranate extract is high in antioxidants, supporting antimicrobial activity and promoting wound-healing. FemiCare Probiotics also helps prevent pain during urination, foul smell, itching, abnormal vaginal discharge, and even pain during intimacy!

Why can’t I just drink cranberry juice?

Do away with traditional myths of cranberry juice as FemiCare Probiotics goes the extra mile. It does not contain sugar, which cranberry juice does, and that kicks off all the benefits of FemiCare Probiotics! Cranberry juice is low in anthocyanin, and that means it has weak anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. In contrast, FemiCare Probiotics takes pride in its richness in antioxidants, effectively fighting free radicals in your body and preventing inflammation. 

What if I don’t have UTI?

Many might have the misconception that feminine care products or specifically, anything cranberry, connotates a cure for urinary tract infection (UTI). However, AVALON® FemiCare Probiotics serves as a prevention, not a cure! It provides dual protection for both urinary tract and vaginal health from the get-go, preventing bacterial infections and supporting antimicrobial activity.

How do I know if I’m suitable to consume FemiCare Probiotics?

It takes 1 capsule a day to keep you fresh and clean all day!

Get confident with us and cart out AVALON® FemiCare Probiotics today!


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