It’s the Time of the Year to LOSE Bad Habits

Bad Habits are Buzzwords for Trouble.

And it is not impossible to lose them, just as how Adele and Lady Gaga quit smoking. We can’t believe it’s already October. And that is like, 5/6 into the year? Congratulations beauties. We’ve survived 2020! Well, we know it isn’t completely over, but 10 months is still a feat. This year may have been a roller coaster for some of us, and we have a timely reminder for you to continue making good impact on your life. It starts by LOSING toxins to WIN a stronger gut, immunity and health! First up, let’s kick bad habits to lose some toxins.


1) Alcohol and smoking

Kick this habit to the gutter! We certainly do not want liver damage or smoking-related health issues. Studies have shown that drinking and smoking together can increase the risk of throat and esophageal cancer. Moreover, CNA news has reported that second-hand smoke is four times more toxic than the smoke inhaled by the smoker. So, protect yourself and your loved ones!


2) BPA containers

Refrain from using BPA containers to store your food! BPA is a toxin that, scientifically proven, promotes the development of breast, ovary and prostate cancer. Long-term consumption also creates an environment where dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other cognitive disorders may develop.


3) Processed, fried and BBQ food

Well, it may not be possible to cut these foods out of our diet completely, but it is beneficial to reduce intake of them. Processed food, such as ready-made meals or processed meat, tend to be high in trans fats and refined carbohydrates. Research shows that they increase health risks – diabetes and obesity. Fried food contains acrylamide, a toxic substance that form during high-temperature cooking. This toxin poses threats to our health, and hence it is advisable to steer away from these foods if we can. The same goes for BBQ food, which has carcinogenic chemicals.


Detox, the Buzzword for Staying OUT of Trouble

Did you know that our organs play unique roles in helping our body to detox?

When we are more active and exercise regularly, our skin aids in detox through perspiration. Less alcohol and more sleep allow better liver function for detox. Not to mention, the kidney is an instrumental organ that aids detox, and we should consume less salty food and more fruits to maintain the health of our kidneys. Cutting back on cigarettes rids our respiratory systems of toxins as well, and we should boost the health of our respiratory system by eating food rich in vitamin C and antioxidants (i.e. green tea). Last but not least, we ought to appreciate the key organ for detox, the intestine. Besides reduced consumption of red meat and processed food to avoid constipation, indigestion or bloating issues, the intestinal detox function can be further enhanced. This can be done via boosting of aloe vera, a 100% natural vegan detox ingredient and probiotics which help to balance the good and bad bacteria in the intestinal system for a healthier gut. These essentials can be replenished via our signature AVALON® Aloe Multiple Detox!

WIN a stronger gut, immunity and health today. With 3 Billion CFUs Probiotics Complex, this gem boosts and maintains the OPTIMAL gut health. Don’t worry about weight gain, as Aloe Multiple Detox got that covered as well.  It improves your digestive health, clears acne and has cooling properties, what else can it not do! Coffee fix might be old-school for now, be sure to get your Aloe fix!

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